Anti-Ageing 101

For a youthful complexion it is vital that we nurture our collagen and elastin proteins, as they are what keep our skin plump and less prone to wrinkling. Collagen provides strength and support for our skin. As we hit our late 20's our natural collagen production begins to decline. 

Our lifestyle factors such as diet and smoking will affect the integrity of the collagen we are producing. Uv damage and free radical damage are both brutal when it comes to depleting our skins natural collagen.

Free radicals attack the skin by creating damage and destruction to our healthy skin cells, causing damage to our production of proteins and causing oxidisation. Free radicals are external factors such as pollution, ozone & smoke. 

Over time free radicals cause oxidisation in the skin. Think of this as when you leave a piece of fruit out and it eventually goes brown. This is what free radical damage causes in the skin.

Antioxidants are vital for neutralising free radicals and protecting your skin cells, preventing oxidisation. Think of antioxidants as putting your fruit in the fridge to prevent the browning. Adding high quality antioxidants are crucial for better ageing.

So when it comes to anti-aging my top 3 product recommendations are:

1. SPF- Protecting your skin from photodamage and sun damage is the number one anti ageing step. UVA and UVB depletes our natural collagen and elastin production and causes pigmentation and wrinkling. 

2. Vitamin C- High in potent anti-oxidants and also stimulates your natural collagen production- 2 of the most key steps in ageing.

3. Vitamin A- Restores skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!