Can meditation improve my skin?

Treating the skin holistically means to look into wellness and treat from within. We have been asked before- can meditation really improve my skin?

Our answer is YES!

Take a moment now to observe your breath. Are you taking deep, belly breaths? Or do you shallow breathe without realising?

During the day we rarely monitor how we are breathing. if we are shallow breathing for most of the day our skin cells become oxygen depleted which can exasperate skin concerns such as ageing and pigmentation. When we are stressed or anxious we draw even shorter breaths throughout the day without realising it.

When we meditate, not only are we creating mindfulness and wellness within ourselves and nurturing our temple, but we are also focusing on deep breathing which ultimately benefits our skin by oxygenating our skin cells. when out skin cells are oxygenated they function properly, allowing for natural healing, stimulated cellular turnover and circulation. 

Are we saying you should throw out your skincare regimen and ditch in salon treatments and meditation will fix all skin concerns? Absolutely not, BUT adding wellness exercise to your daily routine to reduce stress and increase cell function through oxygenation could speed up the results on your skin journey!