Herbal Adaptogens & the Effects of Stress on the Skin

You may have heard of adaptogen suppleements- a herbal medicine which is considered to adapt the body to stress. Adaptogens not only have an amazing impact on your overall wellbeing, they also have an impact on your skin health.

The link between stress and skin:

Stress effects almost every system in the body when its chronic, especially your nervous system and your hormones.

When your hormones are effected by stress it can cause acne as it can increase your production of natural oil and slow down your skins natural exfoliation process for dead skin cells, blocking the oil in the skin and causing breakouts.

Stress also causes inflammation in the gut- gut bacteria effects the skin barrier. Stress effects skin barrier function which can show up as redness, flakiness and inflammation.

When your skin is showing signs of stress there are no quick fixes. Topically strengthening your skin barrier through skin care with healing, protecting and strengthening properties is key.

You can manage stress internally through adaptogenic supplementations which are herbal, food sourced powders.

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Stressed skins are one of the most challenging to manage but assisting internally with the process of de-stressing will help minimise the effects that stress has on our skin.