Internal Skin Detox

Like we always say, treating the skin internally as well as topically is key for optimal skin health! Holistically our skin concerns reflect what is happening internally within our bodies. Factors such as hormones, stress, lifestyle, diet & sleep impact us internally causing skin conditions like inflammation, dehydration, acne and premature ageing. 

An internal detox may be in order to speed up the results of in-salon treatments and home care products.  The benefits of a skin detox include:

  • Flushing out toxins
  • Improving gut health
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Adapting the bodies stress response
  • Reducing digestive issues that show up on the skin as congestion

T3 Tip to Toe Detox- Beauty Tofu

Created with 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay which has benefits including balancing gut health, regulating your inside processes, purifying and flushing out toxins. Amazing for healing skins that are congested, breakout prone and/or inflamed. Eliminating toxins and inflammation in the body has the same external benefit for your skin.

Mix one teaspoon into your favourite smoothie or juice and chase with a glass of water. Also amazing added in to your favourite healthy recipes such as raw brownies- yum! 

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C1 Detox- Beauty Tofu

Healing, soothing & balancing. This internal clay detox is amazing for adding vital nutrients and omegas into your body whilst absorbing toxins and encouraging good bacteria growth. The ultimate skin clearer! Its ability to remove toxins from processed foods helps to balance digestive systems and improves gut health. If you get hormonal breakouts and acne, or breakouts from lifestyle factors like drinking and diet then this is going to be your new best friend! 

Take morning and night by adding 3 teaspoons to a glass of water! It is recommended to finish the bottle to complete your detox!

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Greens & Glow Adaptogen Powder- My Tribe Type

The ultimate skin food full of organic greens to assist with a gentle internal detox and cleanse. Adaptogens work to fight stress, promote better ageing and balance gut health. This powder is full of nutrient dense functional foods that promote skin health from within and produce collagen. Perfect for ageing, dull, problematic and stressed skins. 

Add one teaspoon into your favourite morning latte, juice, smoothie, yogurt or fruit mix daily!

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Our skin is a map of what is happening within, and the skin never lies! They say that the gut is our second brain, which is why it is so important to keep it healthy. The gut health- skin connection is so important when it comes to healthy, radiant skin so treating from within is so important for optimal results!