Sunscreen- What You Need to Know About it!

Sunscreen is a product many people skip over in their homecare routine, not realising how much of a vital step it truely is. Over the years it's gained a reputation for being thick and greasy on the skin or leaving a white-cast on the face. But did you know there are different types of sunscreen? We have Chemical SPF and we have Physical SPF. 

At The Boutique of Holistic Beauty we are all about physical sunscreen. Let us explain the difference;

Chemical sunscreen works from your skin cells absorbing the chemical spf ingredients into your skin and your cells fight the sun rays on a cellular level.

Physical sunscreen usually has an active ingredient such as zinc that works to create a barrier on the top layer of the skin that will fight both UVA and UVB rays, giving you extra protection as the SPF works to create a shield from your skin and the sun without absorbing the rays into the cells. With zinc generally being the main ingredient of these sunscreens the texture is generally a lot less thick and greasy on application and helps to mattify oily skins. 

Another reason you should absolutely be applying a physical spf daily is that it helps to protect your skin by fighting free radical damage. Free radicals come from environmental factors such as pollution, air-conditioning and chemicals and they damage your healthy skin cells and deplete collagen and elastin in the skin. With physical sunscreen creating a natural protective barrier the free radicals find it harder to enter your skin and cause damage.

We all know that sun damage is ageing for the skin and causes pigmentation over time and its so important to be preventing the damage every single day- even if its not sunny. And no- your spf in your makeup is not enough protection! We want you to have skin to be proud of and using your sunscreen is vital for beautiful skin. 

So, what is our sunscreen recommendation? We can't get enough of our Peggy Sue Protective Day Cream. Organic, deeply hydrating and Zinc Oxide based. Applied after cleansing and using serums every morning for optimal skin protection. We can't recommend this product enough and it is suitable for all skin types- even sensitive. Shop Here

The Boutique of Holistic Beauty xx