What are EFA's and why do you need them? Heres 5 facts!

Incase you missed my TikTok/reel- here's 5 facts about EFA's and why you need them:

1. EFA's or essential fatty acids are key to a healthy and hydrated skin. Our skin cells are made up of 50% water & 50% lipids which lock the water into the cell!

2. The water we drink only amounts to 13% of the skins hydration content. We need to absorb lipids to protect and lock in the skins natural moisture.

3. Skin is the very last organ to receive nutrients from the food we eat, as they go to our internal vital organs first making it common to be EFA deficient regardless of diet.

4. EFA's will benefit an oily skin as it helps to balance and regulate the sebum production of the skin.

5. Supports the inflammatory process from the Omega 3, reducing and balancing internal inflammation.