Why clean beauty?

For the OG's you may know that The Boutique of Holistic Beauty began as an online E-Boutique store that stocks only products that were clean and ethical.

One of our main values lies in providing skin, beauty and wellness options that do not contain nasties that harm either you, or the environment. We care about the ingredients and chemicals that are applied to your skin and we are aware of the adverse and longterm effects of using toxins in products.
Did you know that the average woman's routine means she may be wearing 515 different chemicals every day! We think that you deserve better and that's why we have strived toward clean beauty.

Clean beauty to us also factors in sustainable beauty. Mindful packaging that is recyclable & minimal use of plastic is important. The cosmetic industry alone makes up about 40% of landfill waste. We choose to be conscious of this and work with brands that aware of this too. In salon we work with Sustainable Salons to ensure our waste is recycled as best as possible.

As a collective we are all becoming more aware of conscious beauty, doing our research and educating ourselves on what ingredients we do and don't want in our beauty and wellness products.

3 clean beauty tips we will leave you with today are:

1. Look in to sustainable packaging. How can you reuse your empty skincare and body care packaging? Brands like Peggy Sue actually sell separate refills of their products so that you can reuse the packaging. Lets begin to think outside the box and see where we can recycle more.

2. Switch out products with toxic chemicals to clean products. Do some research. Remember that essentially everything is a "chemical" so really find out which ingredients best serve skin long term.

3. Look for brands that are plant based, botanically active, organic, ethically sourced and paraben free!