About Us

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Who We Are

Krystah has made beautiful skin her business since 2015 and has experienced working in luxury spas, medispas, and laser clinics across Australia. During her years working as a beauty therapist her passion for treating skin concerns evolved into a holistic view between skin and internal health. Krystah began to see much quicker, more efficient results with her clients when she began incorporating  holistic treatments. Being a results driven therapist, Krystah believes that in order to appropriately treat skin conditions, we also need to look at internal, dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to skin concerns.

Our Space

Having worked in both clinical and spa environments, Krystah aimed to create The Boutique of Holistic Beauty as a destination that strikes the perfect balance between providing results driven treatments and a relaxing space which delivers you complete serenity and comfort. The Boutique in Surry Hills is a nurturing, cosy and elegant environment for you to address your skin concerns comfortably and effectively.

Clean Beauty & Selfcare

Passionate about non-toxic and clean beauty, The Boutique of Holistic Beauty offers customers an online E-boutique of carefully curated organic, sustainable & ethical beauty products. Each product is hand picked by Krystah, offering a range of skin, body, wellness and internal beauty care products. The E-boutique was created as an easily accessibly platform where her customers can be assured that the ingredients they are applying are not causing damage to them or the environment.
To book an appointment with Krystah click HERE or email theboutqiueofholisticbeauty@gmail.com